"COTEAUX D'AZUR" is a brand name registered at the INPI. Created on the initiative of Dr. Carlos Guillermo Adem, it covers AOC BANDOL vintages
(AOC: controlled name of origin) specially elaborated at the Cave de La Roque, La Cadière d'Azur, (Var-France).
   Owing to his activities in Lebanon, Argentina and France, Dr. Adem possesses a sound knowledge of both the world wine-production and wine and spirits markets, which allows him to create his own blends, and thus enhance this brand's value by producing unique wines.
   Cooperator ever since he bought a vineyard at la Roque, Dr. Adem has turned this cellar into a quality partner capable of reconciling Bandol production requirements, experience, passion and local know-how already recognized in the French and European markets, with his own personal wishes which are already an authority on the subject.